Donald Trump Cabinet Appointee Calls For Muslim Genocide, He’s OUTTA HERE!

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Sometimes knowing the right person is all you need in politics, such was the case with a massage therapist who supported Trump and subsequently became “Assistant To The Secretary” at the Department of Energy. The DOE having the mundane responsibility of maintaining the nuclear arsenal makes it a completely unsuitable place for Trump to make crony political moves.

Sid Bowdidge slipped under the radar, until government watchdogs found him and some other highly suspect picks made by Trump.

Via Green Tech Media: His name is Sid Bowdidge, a Trump supporter from New Hampshire. As of August 2015, he was working as a massage therapist.

Now he is taking on a prominent role at the Office of Technology Transitions, a group devoted to helping commercialize cutting-edge energy technologies alongside private-sector partners.

Bowdidge appears to have no background in energy. GTM reached out to him multiple times for comment about the new role — and also about his Twitter feed.

As of Thursday night, the feed included a post calling Obama’s “relatives” radical Islamists. He also issued a call to “exterminate them all” in response to a CNN article about the San Bernardino shooters.

A Buzzfeed article may have been the nail in the coffin: According to two employees at the nuclear weapons agency, who asked to remain anonymous, Sid Bowdidge, 60, began working at the department following President Trump’s inauguration. An internal department database identified the New Hampshire Trump campaign worker as “assistant to the secretary,” a nebulous title given to political appointees at varied levels of responsibility.

Sid’s twitter account is not too dissimilar from the average Trump supporter, sprinkled with bigoted comments about Muslims:

The Department of Energy broke from its usual policies to confirm that Sid no longer works there as of Friday. How did he get into Trump’s good graces in the first place? A complete mystery!

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