Could Kellyanne Conway Replace Sean Spicer As Press Secretary? Here’s Her Response!

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Here’s a new profile of Kellyanne Conway for New York Magazine out today in which we discover she never wants to be White House Press Secretary.

Conway’s name came up during the transition, but she said at the time she “politely declined” the job.

Her take on whether she would be in that position now is, well, a lot less filtered:

Conway was first floated as an obvious pick for press secretary. Asked if she would ever want [Sean Spicer‘s] job, she rolled her eyes. “Slit my wrists, bleed out, put cement shoes on, jump off the bridge, and then I’ll take the job — are you kidding me?”

And can we blame her? In her few press appearances she seems to lie or make flubs every single time. Can you see her doing that on the daily?

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