Conservative Trumpster Is On A Crusade To Defend American Nazis, And He’s “Prepared To Kill”

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While leaving a San Fransico Bay area restaurant on Tuesday night, renowned racist conservative radio host Michael Savage was approached by a man who was making fun of Savage’s legal last name “Weiner.”

“The attacker” claims that Savage shoved him while Savage, of course, takes a contrary view. Either way, Savage ended up on his bum.

Savage claims that a bystander attempted to intercede but was himself attacked by the “crazed liberal.” Somehow, Savage attests that he was able to get up while being attacked and help the recently accosted bystander and at the same time, was calling the police and his lawyer.

Savage’s lawyer is currently investigating the incident as “a hate crime.”

Trump’s conservative army has adopted the incident as a rallying flag. A particularly¬†prolific Trump supporter, James Stachowiak, has taken it upon himself to see that further incidents, like Savage’s don’t happen again.

In the video, Stachowiak states, “Well people, I have the solution if you’re approached by a group of people like they did to Mike Savage…”¬† He then pulls out a gun while driving and then continues… “and here’s my solution.”

We wouldn’t expect anything less from a dutiful Mike Savage listener.


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