CNN’s Jake Tapper Just EVISCERATED Donald Trump, “You’re An EMBARRASSMENT”

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper called Donald Trump’s attempts to justify his ongoing crusade over his unfounded wiretapping allegations an “embarrassment.”

Trump, who sought to establish the now-debunked idea that Trump Tower was spied on by the Obama administration, went further with the claim at today’s joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and said that both he and Merkel “have something in common” — referring to reports that alleged Obama’s National Security Agency intercepted Merkel’s phone calls and spied on German officials.

Tapper ripped into Trump’s remarks.

“The White House, apparently unaware that when the White House in the world’s most powerful nation cites a news story as proof of what the president of the United States has said that that tends to suggest to people that you think you believe the story you’re citing as proof.”

“But now in a fevered effort to try and force this outlandish claim into something remotely resembling — passably, perhaps, maybe the truth, the White House appears actually willing to repeat another wild accusation that could potentially alienate our nation’s most important ally,” Tapper said.

He continued: “Does smearing British intelligence make your family more safe? No? So, why is the White House doing it? What is the White House defending here?”

“Because it damn sure isn’t national security or American credibility before the world,” Tapper said.

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