CNN Counterterrorism Expert Drops Trump BOMBSHELL, “This Man Is DELUSIONAL”

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Former CIA counterterrorism official Phillip Mudd appeared on CNN this evening and went off on Donald Trump tonight in response to the president’s wiretapping tweets.

Mudd said that most of the people he talks to still in government now see Trump as a “circus clown” who’s alleging a gigantic conspiracy that either the FBI and DOJ conspired with the FISA court to go after him, or that Barack Obama engaged in a “felonious violation of federal law that exceeds what we saw in Watergate.”

He argued that this is just a smokescreen Trump is using to avoid tough questions on Russia:

“The smokescreen is a lie that says there is a massive conspiracy involving the judiciary, the FISA court, the Department of Justice, and the FBI. The man is delusional, Wolf, and the conversation has to transition from how to we explain what the Commander-in-Chief is doing to how do we understand the acts of a man who doesn’t understand the difference bdtween protecting his brand and protecting the country. I’ve never seen anything like this, Wolf.”

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