Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Took Ivanka Trump To A Broadway Musical Last Night, To Teach Her About KINDNESS

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended a Broadway show about Canadians who opened their doors to thousands of passengers who descended on the small town of Gander in Newfoundland when U.S. airspace was shut down after the Sept. 11th attacks.

And his guest…Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka arrived in the same motorcade as Trudeau but in a different car. According to the New York Times, Trump sat between Trudeau and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

From CBS News:

On Sept. 11, more than 200 flights were diverted to Canada. The little-used airport in the town of Gander became the second busiest destination, taking in 38 flights. The 6,600 passengers arrived without warning on the town of 10,000.

Canadians took care of the stranded passengers for days. American travelers said they experienced overwhelming kindness in the days following the attacks on New York, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania.

The events inspired the musical “Come From Away.” It opened Sunday at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater and has received rave reviews from critics.

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