Budget Chief Who Is Cutting “Meals on Wheels” Complains That He Is Sacrificing By Giving Up Business Cards

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President Trump’s administration has new reasoning for why they are cutting vital programs such as “Meals and Wheels” from the federal budget, it’s for “the people.” White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney claims that the protests against Trump’s budget is “lobbyists” going through line by line.

Mulvaney appeared on Sunday’s Face The Nation to defend Trump’s budget:

“You could always attack a budget for being political, right? […] In fact, we — we are going to do so. But keep in mind who the president wrote the budget for. He — he wrote the budget for everybody.”

The budget is for “everybody”, just not the least among us. The Trump administration’s logic for cutting programs that feed impoverished children is to say that the children who receive the free food have not had increased test results. That’s not to say that the children aren’t hungry or don’t need it, it’s to say that in order for them to be fed they have to have marked academic performance, apparently.

Mulvaney continued:

“We’ve heard a lot of criticism, for example, about different line items in the — in the budget blueprint from members of Congress. That’s to be expected. I used to be a member of Congress. I used to represent 700,000 people. And my first job was to represent their best interests. We had special interests at play on The Hill. We had lobbyists at play on The Hill. The president wrote this budget without consideration for those things, without being beholden to anybody except the people, and that’s who this budget is written for.”

Via RawStory:

“If you think about the coal miner and the single mom, doesn’t saving begin at home?” Dickerson asked. “I mean, there are things the president can do to cut back on his own using that text… The coal miner doesn’t get to fly down to Mar-a-Lago either.”

Mulvaney agreed that he knew the bill would hurt children and prevent them from having access to nutritional food from organizations like Meals on Wheels, but he wants people to know he’s suffering too.

Do you the Trump administration has provided valid reasons for cutting the programs they’ve outlined? Comment below and let us know.

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