Brilliant Trump Supporter Credits “Trumpcare” For Lowering Her Healthcare Costs, Only One Problem Though…

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Charla McCormick, a Tennessee Trump supporter, has recently seen dramatic cuts in her family’s insurance costs and she credits this to three forces; God, the Republicans, and Donald Trump. Considering that Trump’s healthcare bill has yet to take effect, her reasoning truly requires divine intervention.

Her son Charlie’s insurance premiums have dropped from $567 a month to $88. Is this because, as McCormick stated, “a blessing from God”? Or is it the result of a far more mysterious force like…unemployment? McCormick’s son just recently lost his job.

Although McCormick mistakenly believes that the cuts are a direct result of the unsigned “Trumpcare”, the real benefactor is Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Workers who become unemployed can currently enroll in Obamacare which offers coverage based on income or for those with little to no income.

Facts be damned, McCormick still believes that this is all Donald Trump’s doing. “So far, everything’s been positive, from what I can tell,” she told the Washington Post. “I just hope that more and more people and children get covered under this new health-care plan.”

The miracle of McCormick may be an incredible one. But it will pale in comparison to whatever miracle it will require to pass President Donald Trump’s doomed healthcare bill.

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