Body Language Specialists Explains Why Trump Didn’t Shake Angela Merkel’s Hand, Proves Trump Is A SEXIST PIG

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President Trump has been heavily criticized for his extremely awkward style of shaking the hands of other political leaders, employing a tactic whereby he seems to unwillingly pull the other party towards him, jolting their bodies out of place. The awkwardness culminated when German Chancellor Angela Merkel was rebuffed by President Trump when she asked if he would like to shake her hand for the photographers present.

The internet has come alive with speculation that Merkel’s body language indicated discomfort and disgust in Trump’s presence.

Previously, the Prime Minister of Japan made a very awkward face after Trump refused to let go of his hand. Subsequently, Canada’s Trudeau hesitated before grasping Trump’s extended hand on a separate occasion. It’s likely Merkel saved herself from an equally bizarre encounter after no handshake took place.

Via ATTN: ATTN: spoke with Joel Silberman, a media strategist, to get his take on the awkward meeting, uncomfortable body language, and lack of handshake.

“It isn’t whether he ignored her or not,” Silberman told ATTN:, “it’s the discomfort of the situation. Look at her body language first. Look at what her body is saying. As you see the picture of her, and as she sits there — I haven’t seen legs that tightly crossed and a body so firmly sitting over the genitals so that no possibility of any part of them would be exposed.”

Did Trump simply not hear Merkel when she asked if he’d like a handshake? Silberman analyzed the body language of each world leader:

“Number two, her shoulders are up and she’s over her heart. She doesn’t trust him at all. So when she asks him for a handshake, there is no trust in her body coming toward him. Look at his body language.

It seems fair to assess that Trump looks uncomfortable, Silberman confirms this suspicion:

“[N]o chin out like he normally does, no thumbs-up, no Trump grin, no throwing his shoulders back the way he can — there was none of that.”

Do you think Trump purposefully refused to shake Merkel’s hand, or did he just not hear her? Comment below and let us know.

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