Bill Maher Absolutely DESTROYS Trump Surrogate Jeffrey Lord, “Don’t BULLSH*T Me!” [WATCH HERE]

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Bill Maher had a great show last night, and it began with a one-on-one interview with Jeffrey Lord, one of the most recognizable Donald Trump surrogates on cable television (CNN).

Maher asked Lord why a decent guy like him would be so supportive of “the most vulgar human being.” Lord first talked about how nice Trump is in more personal settings before discussing his appeal to the people that Hillary Clinton referred to as the “basket of deplorables.”

Maher pushed back and said that the argument sounds like because Clinton did one bad thing, people can just overlook Trump’s flaws. He said that Republicans “can turn on a dime” to defend behavior in Trump and others they previously condemned when coming from Democrats.

Maher then discussed Russia and Lord argued that Russia didn’t influence the election because voting machines were not hacked.

Maher shot back, “Don’t bullshit me.”

Maher said Russia clearly influenced the election by hacking and then releasing the Podesta emails, and releasing the tax returns would help clear up some of these questions about Russian associations.

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