Alec Baldwin TEARS TRUMP APART In Tonight’s Saturday Night Live, You Will Love This!

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Alec Baldwin brought back his infamous Donald Trump impression to SNL tonight, and it was fantastic!

In the midst of an alien invasion in the cold open for Saturday Night Live, a group of armed service men and women gathered on the eve of battle only to be giving an inspirational speech from Baldwin’s Trump.

“The aliens are laughing at us,” Baldwin said. “They’re killing us and laughing at us.”

He went on to tell them his plan: “Here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to bring coal back. You won’t believe how much coal we’re going to have. You’ll say I never knew there could be so much coal.”

When told that the aliens had just vaporized the entire state of California, Baldwin responded, “So I won the popular vote?”

Told everyone in California is dead, Baldwin’s Trump seemed to only care about one man: Arnold Schwarzenegger, who he had recently been feuding with on Twitter.

As the explosions start coming down and the aliens came closer, Baldwin’s Trump insisted, “They’ve been coming here for hundreds of years.” He then pointed at cast member Lesley Jones and said “There’s one.”

The aliens, green of skin and carrying huge guns, finally arrived only to have Baldwin’s Trump immediately abdicate command to Kenan Thompson’s general character.

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