White House Releases HUGE List Of Terrorist Attacks It Says The Media IGNORED, But Guess What?

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Earlier today Donald Trump made a speech at CENTCOM where he asserted that the media didn’t report on certain terrorist attacks, because they are biased, and are obviously against Trump’s desire to keep Muslims out of the country.

Later, Press Secretary Sean Spicer doubled down on Trump’s statement, and promised that he would release a list of said terrorist attacks. Surprisingly, he did just that, but it wasn’t the list the media expected.

CNN obtained the list from the White House of the terrorism attacks Trump claims the media did not cover.

Trump’s collection includes such notable attacks as the November 2015 massacre in Paris and a mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. the same year.

“There are 78 attacks listed on this list,” Jim Acosta, CNN’s senior White House correspondent, said on-air that evening. “It’s a headscratcher as several of these, we here at CNN and other international news outlets, covered these extensively.”

“All of these, you’ll recall, we covered extensively. It’s puzzling as to why the White House would include these attacks on this list when they were covered for days on end.”

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