White House Leaker Sets Up Twitter Account To Reveal Embarrassing Info About Trump, THIS IS AMAZING!

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Numerous leaks are coming out of the White House halls and they can only come from someone inside Trump’s inner circle. To make matters worse for Trump, and hilarious for everyone else, the leaks are being blasted out via a Twitter account named “@RoguePOTUSStaff” and Trump is furious.

Trump has proved himself to be a vindictive man and he, over the years, has stated how he loves revenge. He surely will be seeking to discover who has been embarrassing him by revealing information:

One aspect of ridicule for Trump is he has publicly refused to listen to his military advisers. Apparently one of them had to call him out for already dropping the ball during a military operation in Yemen:

Perhaps the most terrifying of all is Trump’s insistence that he can break any law he wants. As he is the president, who is going to stop him exactly?

Trump knows that he is nearly above the law and if push came to shove he could just pardon himself. The list of  information continues to grow and unless Trump discovers who is behind the leaks he will continue to be publicly humiliated. Here’s to hoping!

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