Watergate Reporter Reveals DISTURBING Information About Donald Trump, “Worse Than Nixon”

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The presidency of Donald Trump has not been smooth for himself, his administration, the media, or the American people. Since Trump assumed power and became the 45th President of the United States, he has found himself at odds with nearly every individual within his sphere of influence, save those who agree with him. Now that Trump has settled in to his role as president, he has shown himself to be willing to become hostile against those who share criticism about his views. Many major media figures have taken notice of Trump’s inability to control his temper and that includes a legendary reporter who helped break the “Watergate” scandal involving former President Richard M. Nixon who was forced to resign his second term in disgrace.

Carl Bernstein has been a vocal critic of Trump and has not attempted to spare his feelings by pulling any punches. Bernstein took to Twitter and tweeted out a series of tweets lambasting Trump and his poor performance. He even called him an “enemy of the people”:


Individuals like Bernstein who have their eyes wide open are not going to allow Trump an inch to move without telling the public exactly what they think about his actions and motives. While Trump would like to silence the media, in doing so he has awakened a sense of defiance in those who are now itching for a fight and Trump surely cannot defend himself against all of them at once.

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