Watch This INSANE Trump Supporter Say Why He Thinks Trump Is NOT Racist!

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The cognitive dissonance of some of the supporters of President Donald Trump is truly staggering. It is as if they live in an entirely different reality where facts do not matter and what Trump has said does not influence their opinions about him. Instead, they pretend that they know what Trump is thinking and that his statements are meant to entertain rather than be his actual policy positions.

Such a supporter spoke to NBC’s Morgan Radford during a demonstration outside of Trump Tower in New York City. The supporter in question, identified only as Felix, explained why he does not believe Trump is bad for America:

There is not one discrimination thing that he said on the campaign trail that makes Donald Trump a racist person. Yes, he made some crazy comments. But I don’t hold him to his words, I hold him to his actions.

The actions of Trump speak for themselves. He has appointed billionaires to his cabinet, slashed financial regulations, and banned Muslims from entering the country. None of this matters to Felix who says he doesn’t believe Trump is a racist despite Trump saying numerous racist comments of which Felix is oblivious to have ever happened:

Donald Trump is a great man, he’s not a racist that people think he is. The guy is a pro-American, meaning that he wants every American to achieve the American goal, whether it is a black person, an Asian person, a white person, a gay person. He does not discriminate.

It must be nice to live in fantasy land. One hopes that individuals like Felix will wake up to the reality of what is happening around them before it is too late.

Watch the full interview below:

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