Watch Small Business Owners Describe How Donald Trump SCREWED Them Over, This Is NOT OKAY!

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President Donald Trump touted his alleged history as a successful businessman during the presidential campaign, of which he rode all the way into the Oval Office. However, Trump’s actual business practices do not line up whatsoever with his rhetoric. Trump has ruined the lives of many small business owners by refusing to pay them after services were rendered, and he naturally has no qualms at all about how his decisions have impacted hard working Americans.

In 1988 Trump signed a $200,000 contract to a New Jersey company, “Triad Building Specialties”, to install toilet partitions inside his casino the Taj Mahal. The local business is family owned and they were ecstatic. Steve Jenkins, son of the founder Forest Jenkins, said:

It was a big job. It was great. We were all excited. I had the fuzz from those carpets on the wheels of my dolly for months after that job.

That big job turned out to be a nightmare after it was completed and Trump refused to pay. Two years of non-payment later Trump declared bankruptcy and the Jenkins’ family was forced to litigate through bankruptcy court. In the end they were owed $231,000 but only received $70,000 at 30 cents on the dollar.

An employee who has been with the company for decades said of the debacle which almost ruined them, “It’s 27 years later. I grit my teeth every time I see him on television blustering about what a wonderful businessman he is. He stepped on a lot of people.”

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