Watch Sen. Mitch McConnell Get PUMMELED By A Constituent In HEATED Town Hall [WATCH HERE]

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A group of protesters gathered to greet Sen. Mitch McConnell as he showed up to speak at the American Legion Post in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky today.

This is McConnell’s first town hall in Kentucky since the change of power in Washington. Protesters stood outside the venue, chanting and holding signs.

Daniel Lowry is the spokesman for the Kentucky Democratic Party. He says many protesters want answers to why they never get a response when they call McConnell’s office to address their concerns.

“He has trampled on civil rights basically with his treatment and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and her reading of the Correta Scott King letter. He has been a rubber stamp for Donald Trump and these people are upset and they are wanting their voices heard. And when he pulls up today, he’s going to see them and that’s what they want.”

At one point, a frustrated audience member implored him: “Answer the question Mitch!” after he offered a curt answer to a woman asking about lost coal jobs in eastern Kentucky.

And a he began leaving the event, escorted by state and local law enforcement, a few in the crowd booed. Someone shouted “Do your job.”

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