Waiter Reveals What Donald Trump Ordered For Dinner Saturday Night, And It’s As Bad As You Think!

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Saturday night Donald Trump left the White House (without alerting pool reporters, as usual) and went for dinner at the BLT Steakhouse, which is inside his Trump Washington, DC hotel.

A reporter for Independent Journal Review was at the restaurant, and leaked what the president had for dinner…and yes, it’s bad.

The reporter asked the waiter what Trump ordered:

“The President ordered a well-done steak. An aged New York strip. He ate it with catsup as he always does. The sides and appetizers on the table were shared. Three jumbo shrimp cocktails were delivered before the meal. At one point, the President looked at his watch and remarked ”They are filming ‘Saturday Night Live’ right now. Can’t wait to see what they are gonna do to me this week.“ It was hard to serve him because he is so funny and relaxed, it makes you laugh.”

A WELL-DONE steak with catsup. That is what a 5-year old eats!

And that’s a $54 steak, to be exact!

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