Trump’s New National Security Adviser BETRAYS Donald Trump, Reveals He Supports Obama’s Ideas!

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The scandals surrounding President Donald Trump’s first weeks in office have been incredibly damaging. His connections to the Russian government have the entire world in complete freefall in disbelief that an American president would betray his country so openly. Given this unbelievable story the announcement of Trump’s new National Security Adviser has fallen by the wayside and been a mere blip on the radar, but it should not be. General H.R. McMaster is now advising Trump on all matters relating to national security, which is curious considering McMaster is the only individual in Trump’s administration who has no political ties to him and the two men apparently disagree on a wide variety of matters. Trump’s inability to handle criticism or tolerate people who disagree with him makes this new relationship seem like it is doomed for failure and will only be a matter of time before the powder keg explodes. Already there are cracks in the veneer.

It seems McMaster agrees more with former President Barack Obama than he does with Trump as it relates to the war on terror. Specifically McMaster says he does not want to, and will not, use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” when describing the enemies of the United States. An individual who was presented at the White House that was privy to McMaster’s comments confirmed this, “He said he doesn’t want to call it radical Islamic terrorism because the terrorists are, quote, ‘un-Islamic.’”

Will these two strange bedfellows find a way to work together? One hopes so.

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