Trump’s Muslim Ban Has Cost The Economy Almost $200 Million SO FAR!

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There have been reverberations and unintended consequences relating to President Donald Trump’s bigoted travel ban against Muslim immigrants entering the United States. Trump is impervious to the overwhelming outrage which has spread around the world in disdain against his policies, as he has shown he does not care if individuals disagree with him or not. However, Trump has also touted himself as an economic master and his ban on Muslims has cost the travel industry millions of dollars.

According to a new damning report from the Global Business Travel Association, the United States lost over $180 million in the week following Trump’s travel ban announcement. The reason for this loss of revenue was outlined in their report which, in part, said:

There was too much uncertainty and a lack of clarity around the executive order, leading to general confusion. The net effect was that business travel bookings were delayed or canceled.

The news is only going to get worse for the travel industry, as Trump is gearing up to double down on his travel bans. While the amount of money may seem minuscule in comparison to the economy of the United States, there are many individual travel operators who have been feeling the pinch.

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