Trump’s Inner Staff HUMILIATES Him By Leaking EMBARRASSING Information From The White House

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Due to the personality of President Donald Trump, where is regularly lashes out at his staff, he surely does not inspire confidence or loyalty. This is an important aspect of a president who trusts his staff with sensitive information, and some of Trump’s team is intent on embarrassing him by leaking critical information.

The amount of leaked information coming out of Trump’s White House is unprecedented, and one hopes it continues during his entire administration. Some of the greatest hits include:

Trump was speaking to the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about an arrangement of accepting refugees into the United States. Trump told Turnbull “this was the worst call by far” and apparently hung up the telephone on him. How classy.

During a telephone with the Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto, Trump threatened to send American troops across the border to enforce America’s immigrant policies. Trump’s administration attempted to play Trump’s comments off as in mere jest and that he was not serious, but who knows with him?

As Trump is a showman he urged Judge Thomas Hardiman to get into his vehicle and drive to Washington, D.C. to help build the suspense of Trump picking him as the next nominee for the United States Supreme Court.

Beyond firing staff members who are caught disclosing this information to the press there isn’t anything Trump can accomplish legally against the leakers. Considering that so many are willing to burn Trump they would likely consider it a badge of honor to be fired from his White House.

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