Trump Supporter Called On Stage At Trump Rally Goes On CNN, Then SCOLDS The Anchor, “Be Nice To Trump!”

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Today’s Trump rally was truly bizarre for a multitude of reasons.

One strange moment was when Donald Trump pulled up one of his supporters from the audience to join him on stage.

The Trump supporter was West Palm Beach native Gene Huber. Once on stage, Trump let Huber say a few words. Noticeably shaken, Huber made a brief statement of support for his president:

Mr. President, thank you, sir. We the people, our movement is the reason why our president of the United States is standing here in front of us today. When President Trump during the election promised all these things that he was going to do for us, I knew he was going to do this for us.

Lasting only a few moments, Trump would quickly take back his podium and usher Huber off stage, saying, “A star is born.”

And it appeared that POTUS was right, if only for the remainder of the day, as not long after the rally Huber showed up on CNN, being interviewed by Pamela Brown.

When asked to elaborate on his comment that he had been with Trump “since the beginning,” Huber went on to say that “It’s just the way he speaks that’s truth.” He would continue, calling the base of Trump’s support a “movement”: “There’s never been a movement like this ever. Ever. I’ve never been into politics in my life. Trump taught me everything.”

As the interview wrapped up, Huber interjected, “May I say one thing?” Brown acquiesced, “Quickly.” And Huber let him have it, “Let’s just be a little, little nicer to our president.”

Do you think Trump was reckless to break Secret Service protocol and invite this member of the crowd on stage? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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