Trump Still INSISTING There Was Voter Fraud, Is Now Claiming Certain GOP Senators Lost To Fraud As Well

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Even after winning the presidency, Donald Trump is not satisfied and his purpose has nothing to do with helping the country and everything to do with his own vanity. Rather than moving on with the actual job of governing the country, Trump instead believes the best tact to take is to continue to babble on and on, endlessly, about a massive conspiracy of voter fraud. This is the only way in which Trump can explain away losing the popular vote by 3 million votes. There is no evidence that voter fraud ever took place, but that has not stopped Trump — despite being regularly mocked — for continuing to push his conspiracy theory. This time Trump brought it up, in earnest, with a group of 10 senators.

When asked about Trump’s continued pushing of the fake scandal his press secretary, Sean Spicer, said:

The president does believe that. It’s a belief that he’s maintained for a while, a concern that he has about voter fraud. And that’s based on information that’s provided.

As the meeting was behind closed doors, and the only participants were senators, it is impossible to know what was actually said. A senator understands the value of discretion and they certainly won’t be leaking information about themselves. However, it is known that Trump brought up the fake voter fraud problem yet again. One wonders when Trump is going to let his fake story die, but it seems Trump will continue down the road as if he knows something the rest of the world doesn’t. Perhaps he is planning to plant evidence or skewer an investigation so that he has a leg to stand on, and one should not put such an action past Trump.

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