Trump REPEATEDLY Insulted Elizabeth Warren By Calling Her “Pocahontas” During A Closed Door Meeting

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Part of Donald Trump’s campaign strategy which he rode all the way to the White House was to disparage his political opponents by calling them childish names. Trump called Marco Rubio “little Marco” and described Jeb Bush as “low energy.” However, the most insulting comment Trump referenced to one of his loudest critics, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, when he repeatedly referred to her as “Pocahontas.” Trump brought out this insult toward Warren as he was referencing her claims of being part Native American.

Now that the campaign is over it is curious that Trump continues to insult Elizabeth Warren. During a meeting with members of both parties at the White House, Trump attacked Warren again, openly, which was a cringe-worthy moment where nobody thought his comments were amusing.

While the participants of the meeting did not comment on Trump’s antics, Politico reported:

According to participants in Thursday’s meeting, Trump referred to Warren several times as “Pocahontas,” the moniker he gave her during his campaign, and told the Democrats he was glad Warren is becoming the face of “your party.”

President Trump is doing himself no favors in continuing to harass the most beloved female Democrat in the party. Trump likely knows that in 2020 he will face Elizabeth Warren for a deadlocked battle for the Oval Office. He is merely laying the groundwork to insult her in the future. One hopes that the public will see through his facade and that Warren will be the champion the American people require to banish him from political life forever.

Watch Trump’s initial insult of Warren on the campaign trail:

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