Trump-Loving Sheriff’s Deputy Writes HORRIFIC Racist Comments About The Obama’s, THIS IS DISGUSTING!

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One might like to believe that racism is long dead in the United States, but to believe that would be to turn a blind eye to the behavior that is still prevalent in many communities. A deputy sheriff in Boyd County, Kentucky found himself as a subject of national attention after something racially insensitive he wrote about former President Barack Obama became a fact for public media consumption.

The post in question, which has since been deleted, said the following:

That Muslim holler monkey has been evicted … now him and his shemale need to get gone!

The identity of the deputy who wrote the post is, unfortunately, being concealed to protect the individual from undue harm or stress. One could make an argument that the deputy is a public servant and therefore does not deserve to have their identity shielded.

The directing attorney for the Department of Public Advocacy Trial Office, Brian Hewlett, said in a statement:

Any bias against a person for their religion, race or sexual identity must not be tolerated in our legal system. The post referenced in our local media disparages individuals in an offensive and repugnant manner that betrays a deep and troubling bias. This type of personal bias is disqualifying and should not be held by anyone charged with upholding the values of fairness and equality in the discharge of their official duties. The person who made these statements clearly possesses an inability to fairly interact with all citizens of Boyd County.

If one were a betting individual they would likely be on the winning side of the money if they believed the racist deputy sheriff voted for Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton.

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