Trump Loving Elementary School Teacher Tweets “Kill The Refugees”, Guess What Just Happened To Her?

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The freedom of speech is a codified right for all American citizens, but that right is often misunderstood. One has the ability to say whatever they like, as long as they do not threaten or incite violence, while having no fear of being sanctioned by the government for their comments. This freedom does not imply, however, that an individual is free from the social consequences of other citizens using their freedom of speech as well. A third-grade teacher has learned this unfortunate lesson the hard way after her incendiary political comments made on Twitter were found and brought to the public’s attention.

Bonnie Verne was, until recently, a 3rd-grade teacher at Pardes Jewish Day School. She had worked there for 12 years. By all accounts she was a fine teacher, but her professionalism was called into question when she tweeted:

Verne also tweeted, “Or we can just put a bullet in their head immediately.”

The Internet was not pleased when this information was revealed, and a backlash against Verne swiftly began. The school was notified, and Verne was disciplined. However, the fervor of attention was too much for Verne to handle and she chose to resign her position. Pardes Jewish Day School administrators issued a short statement:

The school maintains policies that make it clear that the personal remarks of faculty members must never, in any way, bring disrepute to the school or impinge on classroom activity. Those policies have been and will continue to be enforced diligently.

Do you think it’s appropriate for a private schoolteacher to face firing over a tweet? Comment below and let us know.

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