Trump Just Tried To Take Credit For Obama’s Job Growth, But Guess What?

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It is a widely known fact that President Donald Trump is a shameless individual who is willing to take credit for successes of which he had no part in doing. An example proving this fact is Trump’s administration taking credit for creating jobs in January when none of Trump’s policies had an opportunity to yet make an impact on the economy.

The economy of the United States added 227,000 jobs in January and Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer said those were all due to the president:

Today’s report reflects the consumer confidence that the Trump presidency has inspired. According to a recent Gallup poll, economic confidence is at a new high, and ADP showed strong private-sector hiring. President Trump campaigned on putting Americans to work again. Even before he took office, the markets knew he’d deliver on that promise. The president has already taken significant steps to turn our economy around, and he’s looking forward to ensuring that every American that wants a job has the opportunity to find one.

This line by Spicer is, of course, absolute nonsense. The jobs which were gained were a product of the policies of former President Barack Obama. Without Obama’s policies Trump would have seen a massive decline in job growth.

Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway also spread the propaganda:

However, those who are willing to look at the economy through a partisan lens surely believe all of the credit goes to Trump. These are the same individuals who believe all of the women who said Trump groped them were liars, and that global warming is indeed a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese government. There is no convincing some people no matter how much information is presented to them, and that is exactly what Trump and his team are counting upon. Don’t be fooled!

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