Trump Humiliating Himself When Confronted By World Leaders, He’s Going To Land Us In A WAR!

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World leaders were understandably leery of Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States due to his combustible personality. Trump has been proving their worst nightmares to be completely justified after it was reported how he has been dealing with them. Trump’s behavior might be fitting for a boss in a boardroom, but not in dealing with leaders who have been elected by millions of people.

The behavior of Trump was reported by CNN’s Jake Tapper who said Trump has been acting like a petulant child, particularly as it relates to dealings with Australia:

A government official familiar with the call says President’s Trump’s interactions with foreign leaders have been at this stage naive. In that, he keeps suggesting that we will have the best relationship ever with a broad departure of countries, but there is no substance to back it up. When he encounters a policy challenge, like with Turnbull, he responds with a tantrum.

Trump is nothing short of an absolute disaster and an embarrassment for a president. After 8 years of former President Barack Obama helping to fix the image of the United States around the world Trump is shattering all of that hard work. Now the United States will be seen, once again, as a bully headed by a man who has the temperament of a child that is upset he lost his toys at the playground. One can only hope that Trump learns the art of diplomacy before it is too late.

Watch the full CNN commentary here:

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