Top Democratic Congressman REFUSES To Shake Trump’s Hand At Tonight’s Speech To Congress, OUT OF LINE?

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New York Rep. Eliot Engel is known for securing a prime center aisle seat to shake the president’s hand at joint sessions of Congress, but that is about to change.

Engel said in a House floor speech early Tuesday afternoon that he won’t be making the bipartisan gesture when Trump walks down the center aisle toward the dais to deliver his speech.

It’ll be the first time in Engel’s 29 years serving in the House that he won’t stake out a coveted center aisle seat.

Engel said:

“Unfortunately, since January 20th, the new administration has shown no interest in working with the Congress on both sides to tackle problems, including Russia’s unlawful interference in last year’s election.

“That’s why I’ve decided not to stand on the aisle of the House chamber to shake the president’s hand during this joint session of Congress, as I have done in the past through Democratic and Republican administrations alike.”

Engel cited Trump’s attacks on the media – which the president called “the enemy of the American people” – and his complimentary attitude toward Russian President Vladimir Putin, who intelligence agencies believe ordered the hacking meant to influence the presidential election.

“This isn’t part of our normal political discourse. This goes beyond ideological and political differences. The president needs to work with all people and therefore I will listen to what he has to say today, but I will not greet him and shake his hand.”

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