The New York Times Just EVISCERATED Trump In Brutal Take Down, “An Inept White House Led By A Celebrity Apprentice”

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The New York Times published a blistering assessment of Donald Trump’s first 4 weeks in office, blasting him for a lack of meaningful accomplishments.

The Times wrote:

“It’s with a whiff of desperation that President Trump insists these days that he’s the chief executive Washington needs, the decisive dealmaker who, as he said during the campaign, ‘alone can fix it’. What America has seen so far is an inept White House led by a celebrity apprentice.”

The newspaper’s editorial board argued that Trump’s executive orders are not achievements and that the president has not yet been able to spearhead any meaningful reform effort.

“When Mr. Trump’s assistants can keep the edge of panic out of their voices, they insist that Mr. Trump has gotten more done in the early going than most presidents. And Mr. Trump is so adept at creating smoke that Americans might be forgiven for thinking that’s true. The president confuses executive orders with achievements.”

The editorial board claimed that Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon writes his script while Reince Priebus, the White House Chief of Staff, “crashes meetings to which he has not been invited.”

“The White House is a toxic mix of ideology, inexperience and rivalries; insiders say tantrums are nearly as common as the spelling errors in the press office’s news releases. If there is any upside here, it is that the administration’s ineptitude has so far spared the nation from a wholesale dismantling of major laws, including the Affordable Care Act, though he may yet kill the law through malign neglect.”

The Times also criticized the president for planning to partially dismantle top government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, which employs a vast team of specialists and experts.

“Indeed, unless Mr. Trump can bring some semblance of order to his official household and governing style, the only element of his famous campaign pledge that may prove accurate is the ‘alone’ part.”

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