The GOP Just Killed Obama Mental Health Gun Rule, Those With Schizophrenia Can Now Own Guns Again!

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The House on Thursday struck down an Obama-era regulation that sought to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

The House voted 235-180 to roll back an attempt by the Social Security Administration to block disability recipients with mental disorders like schizophrenia and severe anxiety from owning guns.

The rule required reporting people who receive disability benefits and have a mental health condition to the FBI’s background check system. But critics said the restrictions would have also applied to disability recipients who needed financial help managing their benefits.

Obviously, the National Rifle Association has long opposed the rule.

“The Obama administration’s last minute, back-door gun grab would have stripped law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process,” said Chris Cox, the NRA’s top lobbyist.

House Republicans turned to the Congressional Review Act to overturn the gun regulation. The law allows Republicans to roll back rules they disapprove of without Democratic support.

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