The Father Of The Navy SEAL Who Died During Disastrous Yemen Raid Just Gave Donald Trump TERRIBLE News!

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By any measurable perspective, the first military operation greenlight by President Donald Trump was an absolute disaster. During the raid, which Trump ordered, over 25 civilians were killed, along with a very valuable Navy SEAL. Trump played lip service to the event and first attempted to blame the loss of life on former President Barack Obama. However, the facts show that Obama chose not to follow through with the operation when he was presented with details because he thought it was too risky.

Trump, wanting to prove how tough he was, issued the order immediately and the consequences are now a matter of public record. Even worse, Trump’s own press secretary, Sean Spicer said the mission was a success because the military was seeking to gain intelligence. There is not a general in the world who would agree that losing a soldier would be worth the loss of life which was suffered. Now the dead soldier’s father is speaking out against Trump’s military blunder.

Bill Owens, 36, was the Navy SEAL who died and his father is demanding an investigation. If Obama or Sec. Hillary Clinton had been in charge of such a failed operation Republicans would have called for an immediate inquiry, and the family of Owens is calling for the same scenario. Bill Owens’ father said:

Don’t hide behind my son’s death to prevent an investigation. I want an investigation…the government owes my son an investigation.

Indeed, the brave sacrifice of Owens should not have been in vain. The mistakes which were made must be now be aired out in public to prevent such instances from happening again. Will Trump follow through? Likely not, and that is an absolute horror.

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