Susan Sarandon STILL Hating On Hillary Clinton, Is Confronted On LIVE TV About Her Acceptance Of Trump

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Susan Sarandon got some flak last year for talking about how Donald Trump might bring about a revolution if he won the election, and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asked how she feels about that statement now that he’s president.

In their original interview nearly a year ago, Sarandon said “a lot of people just can’t bring themselves” to vote for Clinton and said she would “see what happens” regarding her general election vote. “People feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately, if he gets in then things will really explode,” she said.

“That went kinda viral,” Hayes said of Sarandon’s statement.

Sarandon, who was joined by environmental activist Josh Fox to talk about the uncertain future of the Dakota Access Pipeline, faced some tough questions from the host about how she feels now that Trump has been in office for three and a half weeks.

Fox talked about the failures of the Democratic party to fully excite the progressive base, particularly on the issue of fracking.

Hayes shot back that the voters ended up choosing the person who wants to “frack the entire country,” and asked them, “Can you look me in the eyes, both of you, and say, ‘Yes, 24 days into the Trump administration, this is about what I expected it to be’?”

Sarandon shot back, “What is the point of even saying that?”

She confronted Hayes about whether he’s adequately covered big issues people care about, and Hayes shot back that of course certain things get more coverage than others. He told Sarandon she could be focusing on other issues too, but she doesn’t because she’s choosing her battles.

The interview ended with Sarandon saying the one positive thing about Trump winning is that people are finally “awake” and participating.

Do you think that the Trump Presidency is “waking” people up, or is that a cop out? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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