She’s BACK! Take A Guess What Michelle Obama’s Next Job Is!

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Today marks exactly three weeks since the Obamas left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Trump moved in. It feels like FOREVER, and we miss her already. And now we know one of her next moves…she’s going to be a guest judge on a reality show. (REALLY!)

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Graham Elliot has departed from the reality cooking show Master Chef Jr., and in his place there will be rotating guest judges, including Martha Stewart, The Muppets, and yes, Michelle Obama.

It’s not a surprising choice for Obama, who during her eight years in the White House made her Let’s Move! campaign a top priority which aimed to fight childhood obesity by helping families get access to healthy food and helping children to become active physically.

Michelle Obama was also famous for her White House garden, with many of the First Couple’s meals coming right from that garden. Her love of food and children make her an excellent choice for the role. We don’t know yet when the episode airs, but we can’t wait to see her again!

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