She’s BACK! Hillary Clinton ATTACKS Donald Trump On Twitter, “Step Up And Speak Out!”

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Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump Monday on Twitter for not speaking out against a hate crime in addition to his controversial travel ban executive order.

Clinton said Trump must “step up & speak out” in response to a shooting last week in Olathe, Kansas, where a white man shot two Indian men, one who died, and injured a bystander who tried to intervene. The shooting is being investigated as a hate crime after witnesses claimed it was racially motivated.

Clinton shared an article from The Kansas City Star about the widow of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was shot to death in an Olathe, Kan., bar.

During a news conference, the woman called for answers on how to end hate crimes in the country.
“I have a question in my mind: Do we belong?” said Sunayana Dumala, who, along with her husband, traveled from India to attend college in the U.S., according to the Star.

“I need an answer,” she said. “I need an answer from the government. … What are they going to do to stop this hate crime?”

Do you think Trump’s statements have fostered an environment where hate crimes will become more frequent? Comment below and let us know.

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