Seth Meyers TEARS Donald Trump APART For His “Cruel And Unnecessary” Immigration Plan

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Seth Meyers has been doing a fantastic job with his political coverage in his “A Closer Look” segment on Late Night, and his segment last night was no different.

Meyers began by exposing Trump’s inflation of the number of undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States and pointing out how “illegals” are becoming a catch-all boogey man for Republicans. Meyers’ relentless criticism of Trump is unquestionably justified.

By using the facts that immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than people born in America and that more Mexicans are leaving the US than coming, Meyers seeks to make sense of the false claims that spread like wildfire from the Trump administration.

With Trump’s claims that there could be “as many as 30 million” immigrants living illegally in the States, Meyers takes him to task with “just because you Donald Trump don’t know doesn’t mean no one knows.”

Between that response and an embarrassing upper case email asking Trump’s friend and private developer Jorge Perez if he was interested in building the proposed border wall, it paints a picture of a president who does now know what he’s really doing.

Trump may be promising an “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall,” but how he’ll actually do it remains to be seen, and it certainly won’t “pay for itself many times over.”

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