Sen. Mitch McConnell SLAMS Trump’s Behavior And His “Daily Tweets”

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Friday that he loves what the Trump administration is doing, but he’s not a fan of Donald Trump’s constant tweeting.

“I’ve been pretty candid with him and all of you that I’m not a fan of the daily tweets,” he told reporters during a press conference on Friday.

Asked if he thought Trump was taking Republicans off message, McConnell added that he’s not a “fan of the extra discussion that he likes to engage in.”

But McConnell did stress how he liked the early actions taken by the Trump administration and praised Trump’s Cabinet selections.

“As I look at what we might have expected from a President Mitt Romney, a President Marco Rubio or a President Jeb Bush at the beginning of their tenures in office, I can’t see much difference between what a President Trump is doing and what they might have done.”

Trump’s constant stream of tweets has at times created headaches for GOP lawmakers, who have spent months fielding questions from reporters over his social media remarks.

McConnell noted repeatedly during the presidential campaign that he wished Trump would “stick to the script.”

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