Sen. McConnell Fled Kentucky Airport Due To Protesters And THEN THEY CHASED HIM ALL THE WAY HOME!

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Life does indeed have its little bonuses and it was lovely to watch Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell flee the airport due to protesters who had come to welcome him home. Apparently McConnell had landed in Kentucky, and rather than take his designated limousine home, he was forced to jump in an SUV directly from his plane to avoid protesters.

The site was glorious and proved McConnell is being watched by his constituents who are going to offer him no quarter for his behavior of kowtowing to special interests. McConnell is the longest serving senator in Kentucky’s storied history and there is little which can be pointed to that has been positive for the citizens of Kentucky.

Some brilliant video is available below to show the scene of protesters hounding McConnell at the airport:

The fun was not over there. McConnell believed if he was able to avoid the protesters he could quickly and quietly go home. That thought was immediately dashed once McConnell arrived near his property to find a second protest being staged!

Watch that scene unfold below:

It is truly heartening to see so many patriots standing arm in arm to defend against the villainy of McConnell.

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