Sen. Chuck Schumer Just Dropped BOMB About Donald Trump On “The View”, “The GOP Will Break Away From Trump”

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Sen. Chuck Schumer appeared on ABC’s “The View” today, and said that Republicans will buck Donald Trump within months unless the administration changes course.

Schumer said:

“My prediction is he keeps up on this path…within three, four months you’re going to see a whole lot of Republicans breaking with him.”

Schumer argued while GOP lawmakers aren’t yet willing to publicly break from the Republican White House that they are privately having “real problems” with the first month of the Trump administration.

“A lot of the Republicans they’re mainstream people. …They will feel they have no choice but to break with him.”

Republican leadership are largely dismissing any early signs of discord between Congress and the White House as they try to slowly make progress on an ambitious agenda.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell noted last week that he’s not a fan of Trump’s tweeting but he supports the administration’s early actions—comparing it to hypothetical Rubio or Romney administrations.

Schumer added on Tuesday that he warned Trump that he was breaking with his populist campaign rhetoric and that Democrats were prepared to “fight him tooth and nail” on areas where they disagree.

“If you do what you’ve been doing, just move to the hard, hard right…you’re going to be a failure.”

Schumer also used his “The View” appearance to hit back at the president’s accusation that the New York Democrat cried “fake tears” during a press conference last month on the administration’s executive order targeting seven Muslim-majority countries.

“He doesn’t know me,” he said. “I get tearful. At my daughter’s wedding I could hardly contain it in.”

He then questioned who in the audience remembered the 1990’s move “Free Willy” adding: “When he [the whale] escaped I started to cry.”




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