Sean Spicer Just Suggested The Navy SEAL Who Died During Yemen Mission Caused His Own Death

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President Donald Trump’s first military exercise at the beginning of February was a disaster and led to the loss of life of a Navy SEAL, along with 25 civilians including 10 women and children. Rather than take responsibility for the botched exercise, Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer, said the administration considered the exercise to be a “success.” Now that Trump has been facing further criticism, Spicer doubled down on the administration’s point of view and he offended millions of individuals around the world while doing so.

During his daily meeting with the press Sean Spicer said:

I would express our thoughts and our prayers and our condolences to all of the people in Chief Owens’ family and his friends, his shipmates. But it’s something that as a SEAL and as somebody who deployed 12 times, he knew that this was part of the job and he knew what he was doing.

Many considered Spicer’s comments to be abrasive and insensitive. While it is true that Spicer speaks for the Trump administration, it is highly disrespectful for Spicer to speak about a dead military member in regards to what they knew about their job description. Spicer, along with Trump, have never served in the military and find themselves on the outside looking in while attempting to convey authority. The simple reality is the mission was a disaster, and beyond Trump’s team the rest of the world agrees that the operation should have been handled differently. If Trump would like to gain the respect of military leaders he should learn how to admit when he’s wrong, rather than sending out his talking head to deflect blame.

Watch the full comments by Spicer below:

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