Republicans Still Plan To Indict Hillary Clinton For Her Emails, And Yet REFUSE To Question Trump About Russia

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The stupidity of the Republican party knows no boundaries or limits. In the face of overwhelming evidence of the Russian government interfering in the 2016 presidential elections, what have the Republicans decided they will be investigating? Well, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of course. Why would they investigate the Russian government’s ties to President Donald Trump, with which every intelligence agency in the United States agrees there is a connection? Instead, in an effort to change the subject away from Trump’s dirty deeds they’re doing everything they can to distract the American people with Congressman Jason Chaffetz leading the charge.

Chaffetz (R-UT), wrote a letter to newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions which, in part, asked for Clinton’s aid, Bryan Pagliano, to be indicted:

There is no legal basis for Pagliano’s refusal to appear before the Committee. If left unaddressed, Pagliano’s conduct in ongoing a lawful congressional subpoena could gravely impair Congress’s ability to exercise its core constitutional authorities of oversight and legislation.

The completely baseless witch hunt is of little importance to the very serious issues which are plaguing the United States. Rather than tackle the laundry list of causes which require actual attention, the Republican party wastes their time spilling this absolute jibberish. Their behavior is disgraceful and entirely indicative of what the Republican party stands for which is absolutely nothing of merit.

Read the letter below:

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