Republicans Plan To Gut Medicare, Obamacare, AND Food Stamps, Thank You Trump Voters!

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The platform of the Republican party has been, for decades now, to push back against the high taxes and programs which they believe should be removed to save taxpayers money.  In theory this sounds great, however, in practice the Republicans have proved themselves to be snake oil salesmen. They seek to cut social programs which provide the weakest and most needy members of society with necessary services, while simultaneously spending hundreds of millions of dollars on programs which benefit the richest members of society. That is not, by any definition, serving the public good. Now that Republicans control both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and of course the White House, they have the ability to push forward nefarious legislation which is meant to cause further damage to the social safety net.

Analysis shows the various Republicans plans to harm Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and food stamps which will negatively impact upwards of 40 to 50 million Americans. Republicans have no qualm about enforcing this type of legislation as long as they are able to save a few pennies on the dollar.

Republicans in power will certainly attack social programs viciously and without apology, will simultaneously attempt to spin their actions as righteous. The worst part of the villainy is the way in which Republican voters believe the lies which they are fed without question. This inability of Republican voters to think critically and to understand why and how they are being robbed blind has always been their greatest downfall.

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