REPORT: Trump Is Working With Putin And Russia To Oust The Leader Of Ukraine

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When President Donald Trump was campaigning he promised to bring a new era to Washington, D.C. by not conducting business as usual. He also sold himself on the basis that because he is not a politician he would not be bound by the same rules and interest which typically entangle a career politician’s life. Now, evidence is beginning to show as Trump has been attempting to create a plan which benefits Russia by blackmailing the president of Ukraine. The two nations have been at odds and if Trump were able to help Russia in their efforts it would bode well for Trump who has been publicly walking hand in hand with the Russian government. Of course Trump denies any involvement with the Russian government and asserts that those who report on the matter are enemies of America. However, the evidence speaks for itself.

There is an individual named Andrii V. Artemeko, who is a member of the Ukrainian legislative body. He claims to have evidence that will ruin the political life of Ukraine’s leader and said in regards to criticism, “A lot of people will call me a Russian agent, a U.S. agent, a C.I.A. agent, but how can you find a good solution between our countries if we do not talk?” However Artemeko is plainly spoken about his intentions. He seeks personal gain through influencing both governments of Russia and the United States. He views his information as a winning scenario for all involved and did not shy away of saying so, “I want to stop a war, number one. Number two, I absolutely believe that the U.S. and Russia need to be allies, not enemies. If I could achieve both in one stroke, it would be a home run.”

Once again there is evidence Trump is helping Russia. Will his supporters finally open their eyes to see what he has been doing, or will they continue to be fools and not pay attention to the facts as they unfold?

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