Press Sec. Sean Spicer Is Confiscating Phones Of HIS OWN STAFFERS To Prevent Leaks

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President Donald Trump has cultivated a culture of hate, fear, and division. Because of his own tactics, Trump has not spread the seeds of loyalty to grow and as a result, finds himself the constant victim of supposed “media leaks.”  Can Trump be a victim? After all, he has created the circumstances which allowed leaks from his staff to become a constant issue. As this information has been consistently damaging Trump, his most trusted advisers have been attempting to take steps to prevent future leaks from transpiring.

Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, has been taking some of the most draconian steps by randomly confiscating the telephones of his own staff. Spicer has instituted random “phone checks” where his staff are forced to give up their phones and have them peered through by who knows who to determine if the phones were used to send leaked information. Of course, this half-baked strategy by Spicer doesn’t take into account that text messages, emails, or browsing history can easily be deleted by supposed leakers. In addition, Spicer made it a fireable offense for any members of his staff to use apps which automatically delete messages or apps which encrypt messages upon sending. Again, an individual could download the app, use it and then delete it – Spicer would not be the wiser.

He’s not too bright of a fella, but his actions show that Trump is growing scared of information flowing out of the White House. He should be, he has plenty to hide.

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