Pres. Obama’s Vacation Photos Are BREAKING THE INTERNET, Twitter Is Having A Field Day!

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Fmr. President Obama is on vacation, AND BOY DOES HE DESERVE IT!

Ever since they climbed into a helicopter after Trump’s inauguration two weeks ago and left America to deal with this hot mess, the Obama’s have been in the British Virgin Islands, save for a few quick days in Palm Springs. I never thought I’d see Super Chill Obama again, but he’s back, people!

TMZ snapped Obama hanging out with Richard Branson in the sun this week, likely drinking instead of thinking and trying to focus on anything that wasn’t Donald Trump or Obamacare. The former president and his wife were caught on camera walking casually along the beach, with the president offering a relaxed wave to the camera. Vacation Obama wears flip-flops, a loose-fitting all-black outfit, and a backwards ball cap, because, why not?

Michelle, meanwhile, wears a fedora and denim shorts, and has her hair in braids. Michelle looks happy, and it’s not hard to guess why. Michelle gets to hang out with her husband, on the beach, in the sun, with cocktails, while America tries to deal with the colossal mess it’s made.

And Twitter is loving it!

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