POWERFUL Super Bowl Ad CENSORED Because Fox Doesn’t Want To Offend Donald Trump!

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Fox, the network who will broadcast the Super Bowl on Sunday, reportedly would not air a Pennsylvania company’s commercial because it featured a Spanish-speaking woman and young girl confronted by a border wall, which is something Fox deemed “too controversial.”

Per The New York Times, 84 Lumber, a building supply company, originally planned to air a spot that showed the women encountering a wall after a long and arduous voyage. The ad that will air during the first half of the game now doesn’t include the wall, but directs viewers to the company’s website to see how the story ends.

“I still can’t even understand why it was censored,” Maggie Hardy, the president and owner of 84 Lumber, told the Times. “In fact, I’m flabbergasted by that in today’s day and age. It’s not pornographic, it’s not immoral, it’s not racist.”

Although advertisers shell out millions for just 30 seconds of air time during the Super Bowl, the National Football League and the network broadcasting the game have final veto power over any ads, according to the paper.

Fox declined to comment, but the network’s advertising guidelines online say that, in general, it will not sell commercial time “for viewpoint or advocacy of controversial issues.” It adds that advertisers cannot use the space to address such topics.

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