People Are Upset By This Video Of Donald Trump Grabbing Melania Trump, This Is WORRISOME!

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A video of Donald Trump touching Melania Trump’s back from behind in which she subsequently appears to flinch has some people speculating the worst.

The footage shows Melania Trump reciting the Lord’s prayer at a campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida this week. When Donald Trump walks past and touches her arm, she appears to flinch and look down before continuing on.

Jess Dweck, who posted the video on Twitter, wrote: “Literally even the slightest touch by that garbage monster makes her flinch”.

The controversial footage has got people talking on Twitter, some questioning whether it shows signs of “physical revulsion” or even “PTSD”.

Though, this is not the first time questions have been raised about the state of the marriage between the Slovenian former model and Trump, who were married in 2005.

Last month, another video emerged showing the First Lady at Trump’s inauguration ceremony. While he is looking at her, she gives her husband a big smile but as soon as he turns away, the grin completely falls off her face, leaving her looking much more somber and, some have argued, unhappy.

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