One Of The Medications Trump Takes CAUSES MENTAL ISSUES And IMPOTENCE!

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The electorate of the United States has a right to know about the health of their president, and medical disclosures are regularly offered with which the public can keep up. A recent interview by Trump’s doctor revealed Trump takes a medication that has side effects which include impotence and causing a person to become erratic. Perhaps the reason why Trump’s behavior is so unpredictable has been finally discovered.

Trump’s physician for over 30 years, Dr. Harold N. Borenstein, rose to the nation’s attention after he issued an outlandish pronouncement of Trump’s health when he said in a letter, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Bornstein offered no evidence as to why he made this statement and he has recently released another doozy during a series of interviews with the New York Times. Bornstein disclosed Trump takes, on a daily basis, a drug called “Finasteride”, which is known by it’s brand name “Propecia” that promotes hair growth. Trump’s hair has been a subject of ridicule for years and this only adds fuel to the fire.

The White House refused to comment on Bornstein’s interviews, and they also refused to confirm that he is still acting as Trump’s primary care physician. One would assume that if Bornstein was still treating Trump that the president would cut ties with him as the disclosure is an embarrassment to him and Trump simply cannot tolerate such things within his ranks.

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