OMG! Intelligence Community Vows REVENGE Against Donald Trump, “He Will Die In Prison”

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President Donald Trump rode a wave of hatred, fear, and division to the White House during the presidential campaign of 2016. Due to Trump taking such hostile rhetoric, he made more enemies than he would care to count and now that he is the most watched and criticized man in the world those enemies have begun surrounding him. Trump finds himself in a contortionist’s position after his National Security Adviser was forced to resign in complete disgrace. However, the fun for Trump is only beginning as members of the intelligence community in the United States have vowed that before Trump’s term is over he will find himself inside a prison cell.

In an attempt to defend himself Trump, predictably, took to Twitter and unleashed a childish tirade:

One can be certain that Trump did not anticipate what was to come next when former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler responded that the intelligence community was planning to ensure that Trump died in prison:

With all of the evidence which has mounted against Trump it does appear that it is only a matter of time before his kingdom of lies comes tumbling down.

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