New Poll Reveals Devastating News For Donald Trump, Guess How Many Americans DON’T TRUST Trump?

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Most voters don’t trust Donald Trump and his administration to be accurate and factual, according to a new McClatchy-Marist survey released Tuesday.

Twenty-one percent of registered voters polled said they did not trust Trump and his team very much, and another 38 percent said they did not trust him at all.

Seventeen percent said they trust Trump a great deal to “deliver accurate and factual information to the public,” while 22 percent said they trust him a good amount.

Trump has declared war on much of the nation’s media, singling out major outlets like CNN and The New York Times as “fake news” and telling his supporters to trust him and not reports.

Forty-four percent said Trump has been “too tough” on the media, with 27 percent saying he hasn’t been tough enough and 22 percent saying he’s been just right.

Meanwhile, 37 percent said the media has been too tough on Trump, while 32 percent say they haven’t been tough enough on the president and 24 percent say they’ve been just right.

Two-thirds of respondents, 66 percent, said Trump’s Twitter usage has been “reckless and distracting,” while 26 percent called it “effective and informative.”

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